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Reed S. Rahn

Reed’s mother, Donna Rahn, planted the seeds of yoga in Reed’s youth. She began studying yoga while a student at University of California in Berkeley in the mid-50’s. Reed started practicing Tai Chi at 15 years of age. Fate would introduce him to one of the greatest Grand Masters of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, George Ling Hu. Hu would practice yoga and stretching before practicing the ancient martial arts. It has been documented in China that the first teachers of the Shaolin Monks came from India and were Yogis. Reed would practice many of the yoga poses with his teacher before starting the ancient forms of Tai Chi.

Reed has studied yoga for over 19 years with many other great Yogis and Yoginis including Cain Carroll, John Friend, Noah Maze, Desiree Rumbaugh, Jordan & Martin Kirk, Sir Dharma Mittra, Gurmukh, Rajashree Choudury, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Paul Grilley, and Saul David Raye.

Reed’s greatest influence during the last 5 years in Tai Chi and Chi Gong has been David Block, instructor and owner of Phoenix Tai Chi Tuan Academy. David is a student of the great Chinese Grand Master, Kia Ying Tung, and has taught Tai Chi for more than 40 years.

When Reed is not on a yoga mat or in a Tai Chi pose, he is a commercial portrait photographer. Over the past 32 years, he has photographed some of the most famous people of this time including Steve Nash, Dorothy Hamill, Michael Moore, Kurt Warner, and Sammy Sosa. His photographs have been on the covers of Time, Sports Illustrated and USA Weekend magazines. His clients include National Geographic, Nike, Target, and Walt Disney.

Nothing is as important to Reed as his son, Harrison Rahn. Together they have experienced almost every mountain in Arizona. As a baby, Harrison would ride on Reed’s back and today he hikes by his side as a young man watching his father still try to move up the mountain with "Gods Grace."

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