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New student’s conversation with teacher.

Why Practice Yoga? The Answers!

Student: What does yoga mean?

Instructor: Yoga means Union. Union to your own true inner self!

Student: You mean like me?

Instructor: Yeah! Like feeling great about your life and all the endless possibilities of experiencing and enjoying life.

Student: Sounds too good?

Instructor: Well it happens over time and over months of slow but constant practice. What happens is you lose all the things you don't really want and get the things you really need. Let's take some examples: if you want to lose weight it will happen! Old food that used to taste great but after eating you felt fat and bloated will not be desirable! If you want to stop smoking then hang out on a yoga mat. You will be able to discern life with much more ease. You will come to realize the sweetness of life is in the moment. Life will become less complicated, you will learn not react to situations that aren't life threatening. Last but not least you will feel 5 to 10 years younger or more.

Student: What if I'm 22?

Instructor: People will be more attracted to you and they won't understand why! They will say things like, "You have incredible energy yet you’re so calming to be around." Chronic pain will be a thing of the past. In two months, with regular practice (three to four times a week), you will not dwell with pain and if you do you will know intuitively what to do to relieve it.

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